Egyptian symbols

Ancient Egyptian symbols are a fascinating topic. The Egyptians used symbols for a variety of purposes, including as a form of communication, to express their faith, and as a form of art. This blog post will explore some of the most popular Ancient Egyptian symbols and their meanings. From the Ankh to the Eye of

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World Cup 2022

Visit Egypt -World Cup 2022 Trusted information copied from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The Ministry announces facilities to attract fans participating in the World Cup 2022 who hold the (Hayya) fan card. One of these measures is that hotels in some Egyptian tourist cities will provide discounts on accommodation prices announced online.

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Queen Nefertari

Queen Ahmose-Nefertari Queen Ahmose-Nefertari was one of Egypt’s great queens. She was the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep I and the mother of King Thutmose I. She lived during the 18th dynasty of Egypt, and her reign was a golden age for Egypt. She is remembered for her beauty, her wisdom, and her many charitable works.

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A Guide To The Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula: An Introduction The Sinai Peninsula is a large and diverse region located in Northeast Africa. With a population of over six million people, the Sinai Peninsula is home to a wide variety of cultures and religions. The majority of the population is Arab, although there are also significant numbers of Bedouins, Copts,

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Memphis Egypt: An Ancient Civilisation

Memphis, Egypt was once a bustling hub of activity. It was known as the ‘City of a Thousand Tombs’ and was the capital of Ancient Egypt for over three hundred years. The city was home to some of the most impressive ancient architecture, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx. Today, Memphis is

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