Christmas is a major of our Egypt tours and is celebrated by both Christians and Muslims. The most popular Christmas traditions in Egypt include attending mass, decorating houses and trees, exchanging gifts, feasting on special Christmas foods and taking unique Egypt Easter tours, to enjoy your time and discover the most important attractions in Egypt during this wonderful season.

Egyptians typically attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve, which is often followed by a festive dinner with family and friends. Popular Christmas decorations include lights, garlands, and trees adorned with ornaments. During your Egypt day tours, you will be amazed by the decorations and trees in the streets and the joyful Christmas atmosphere. I advise you, in this wonderful season, to check out our Egypt family tours, in order to enjoy with your loved ones beautiful places such as Cairo and Hurghada. Gift-giving is also common, and many people exchange presents with loved ones on Christmas Day.

Traditional Christmas foods in Egypt include roasted meats, stuffed vegetables, various pieces of bread, and desserts. Alcohol is often consumed during Egypt travel packages, particularly wine and beer.

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration in Egypt, where families come together to enjoy our Egypt Luxury tours.

The Nativity Scene

In Egypt, the nativity scene is called a “crib” or “manger”. It is a very important part of Christmas celebrations. The crib is usually made out of wood, and it is often decorated with gold or silver. The baby Jesus is placed in the crib, and the Three Kings (or Magi) are also often included in the scene.

The crib is usually set up on Christmas Eve, and it is often placed in the center of the room. All Christmas traditions will be more clear and more relevant during your Egypt Classic Tours. After the family has had their dinner, they will gather around the crib and sing Christmas carols. Then, they will open their presents. When you decide to travel to Egypt, do not miss trying our amazing Egyptian food so that you will not miss its taste and valor such as molokhia and koshary. 

Christmas Day in Egypt is a very special day. The whole family will usually attend mass together. After mass, they will return home and have a big feast. The feast typically includes a variety of  Egypt New year tours, where you can enjoy diving in Sharm El Sheikh and St Catherine monastery.  

Christmas Trees and Decorations

In Egypt, Christmas trees and decorations are not as common as they are in other parts of the world. However, there are a few traditions that involve trees and decorations. One tradition is to decorate palm trees with lights and ornaments. This is said to represent the biblical story of Jesus Christ’s birth in a manger surrounded by palm trees.

Another tradition is to hang a star from the ceiling over the family’s Nativity scene. The star is supposed to represent the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men to Jesus’ birthplace.

Lastly, many Egyptian Christians will put up a small Christmas tree in their homes. This is usually decorated with lights, garlands, and other small decorations. If you are looking for a breathtakingly beautiful journey don’t miss to check out our Egypt desert safari tours to get unique activities such as Safari in Siwa Oasis and camping in the white desert. 

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts in Egypt are often given to children by Santa Claus, who is known as Baba Noel. Gifts may also be given to adults, such as family members and friends. Common gifts include clothes, shoes, books, toys, and food. The Christmas atmosphere in Egypt is different, so I recommend you take a unique Egypt Spiritual tours to relax and get positive energy. 

In Egypt, it is also common for people to exchange gifts with their neighbors. This is a way to show goodwill and strengthen relationships between community members. You can use your time in Egypt and take amazing Egypt Nile cruise tours and entertain with most famous Cairo attractions

Christmas Cards

In Egypt, Christmas cards are not as popular as they are in other parts of the world. Instead, Egyptians celebrate Christmas by exchanging gifts with family and friends. Gifts are often wrapped in colorful paper and placed under the Christmas tree.

Christmas is also a time for feasting in Egypt. A traditional Egyptian Christmas meal includes roasted lamb, rice, and vegetables. For dessert, Egyptians enjoy Baklava, a sweet pastry made with honey and nuts. Do not miss checking our vantage-travels blogs to be more updated all the time about Christmas traditions in Egypt.  


Egypt is a country with a rich history and culture, and that is reflected in its Christmas traditions. From the unique way they decorate their Christmas trees to the special food they eat on Christmas Eve, the Egyptians have their own special way of celebrating this Egypt Christmas tour. We hope you enjoyed learning about these traditions and maybe even found some inspiration for your own Christmas celebrations. Merry Christmas!