Among the most memorable experiences, that tourists who spend their vacations in Egypt should never miss is to go on a Nile dinner cruise in Cairo. These amazing floating restaurants offer a wonderful journey sailing down the Nile in the Egyptian capital watching Cairo, the city that never sleeps at night.

A dinner Nile cruise is one of the most marvelous ways to sail down the longest river on the planet. The guests would have the opportunity to explore the River Nile that witnessed the flourishing of the most ancient civilization in the world.

Tourists visiting Egypt would expect world-class services, the most delicious Egyptian and international dishes. This is in addition to the best entrainment live performances and shows. These are the main highlights of Dining Cruises in Cairo.

During dinner, which is usually served from 30 to 45 minutes after the Nile cruise ship start sailing around Cairo, a live band would be performing the finest international and Egyptian tunes and songs.

After dinner, the performances of the dinner Nile cruise would begin by a belly dancing performance. Belly dancing is the most favorite dance in Egypt that has heritage that dates back to centuries in the past. It would be a magnificent experience to see the dancer and how elegant she carries out several movements and styles of traditional Egyptian dancing.

The next part of the entertainment program of the Nile cruise dining boat would be the Tanoora dance show. This consists of a man or a number of men, whirling quickly while they are wearing their bright colored skirts and outfits accompanied by some of the finest traditional Arabic songs. All family members enjoying dinner in a Nile cruise would be enjoying such wonderful live performances. This is one of the traditions of the Sufi approach quite popular around the Middle East and the Arab World.

Many tourists who visit Egypt have many wonderful tours to explore in the morning to discover the secrets of the highlights of Cairo. However, their evenings are usually free. This is why it is highly recommended to have a superb evening in a Nile cruise dinner.

The tour usually begins by picking up the guests from their hotels or preferred location around Cairo or Giza normally an hour before the beginning of the sail.

The dinner Nile cruise ships in Cairo usually have two appointments for their sails, one from 08.00 to 10.00 PM and the other would be later at night from 10.00 to 12.00 AM. The Nile dinner cruise usually takes around 02 hours of wonders and excitements.

At the end of tour having dinner on a Nile cruise in Cairo, having a tasty meal, watching Cairo from the River Nile, and watching one of the most interesting live performances in Egypt, the guests would be transferred back to their hotel after having the best time ever!