Hurghada is one of the marvelous coastal cities in Egypt, featured with its magnificent shores that stretching for more than 40 KM over the Red Sea. The city also is well-known with its sandy beaches, fantastic resorts, diving centers, national parks and stunning islands, so it is the best choice for those, who would love to snorkel with the so many kinds of colored fish, drive a quad-bike in the desert and meet the kind Bedouin families.

If you are planning to visit Hurghada, so the best time to go is the Winter Season or Spring, where you will enjoy the perfect weather. Although, the temperature usually increases in the Summer Season to reach about 40 degrees in the day time, Hurghada is considered one of the top-requested cities to spend the summer vacation in by most of Egyptians. This is because the city is featured with its perfect sandy beaches and crystal water.

Nowadays the city of Hurghada is one of the top-selling and most requested tourist destinations in Egypt, especially by tourists coming from East Europe including Russia, Uzbekistan, Czech, Poland, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and more. It is also requested by American, Australian and New Zealander tourists, who would like to spend few days on the beach before or after having a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

The city has numerous resorts at the time being, even inside Hurghada or outside the city such as these hotels located in Safaga, Sahl Hasheesh or Ras Ghareb.

You can enjoy many tours and activities while spending your vacation in Hurghada. The tours are not that expensive, but really amazing! Among the most interesting tours you can do is the Quad-bike Safari in the desert in Hurghada, where you can explore the beaten tracks in the desert and learn about the Bedouin life, traditions and culture when you visit the Bedouin village on one of the Desert Safari tours.

In addition to the Desert Safari Tours, you can also try the sea activities, including the Snorkeling trips to Hurghada islands and national parks, the attractive Submarine tours and Scuba diving at Giftun island or Paradise island, where you will swim with the different kinds of colored fish and see the attractive coral reefs.

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