The Ministry of Antiquities has said the department of restoration at the Grand Egyptian Museum has completed the restoration of the King Tutankhamun and artifacts to be displayed, said the Ministry on Wednesday 2/9/2020.

Some artifacts out 5,200 ones which had been moved to GEM were in bad conditions and have not been displayed yet but they will be displayed during the inauguration of the museum in 2021.

Dr. Isa Zeidan, the director of executive affairs for renovation and transfer of the artifacts to GEM, told MENA that outer golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun was repaired after being moved to GEM in 2019 from the Golden Pharaoh cemetery at the Valley of the Kings. The process of repairing the sarcophagus is the first of its kind since the discovery on November 4, 1922.

Tutankhamen was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who was the last of his royal family to rule during the end of the 18th dynasty during the New Kingdom of Egyptian history. His father was the pharaoh Akhenaten, believed to be the mummy found in the tomb KV55. He ruled from 1333 BCE until his death in 1323 BCE.