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Oman sightseeing is well-known for its diversity. It has the most majestic mountains in the world, as well as the most stunning valleys and historical landmarks. Oman is well-known for its remarkable architectural structures, and the images do not do it justice, since it is far more beautiful than nature.

Discover Muscat attractions

Exploring Muscat with Vantage International travel, one of the popular Oman cities that must be visited because of its gorgeous attractions. In Muscat, you will discover Oman’s actual culture, where its elegant people, as well as the renowned Omani cuisine, the most famous of which is the Omani Halawa. And the Omani bread, which is exclusively available in Oman, has remained a mystery to the people. All of these may be found and discovered in Oman tour packages

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The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat is one of the most well-known sights in Oman sightseeing tours. Enjoy your visit to this massive mosque, which offers guests a unique spiritual experience.

Desert experience in Oman tours

If you prefer the desert, Oman has a huge part of it, each part has its own beauty and majesty. Drive for around three and a half hours to reach the lovely Wahiba sands, a big sea of sand dunes that will increase your happiness. One of the most popular desert for Oman tours.

We recommend visiting Wadi Rum if you want to see the valleys in Oman. Many ancient cultures can be found in Wadi Rum where you will discover the inscriptions and temples that tell the story of early human customs.

Popular Oman beaches

Life in Oman is vibrant, distinguished from other tourist countries. Enjoy the warm sun in Oman shore excursions dominating the clear sea as you enjoy water activities, float and dive in the beauty of its beaches. The most popular beaches on Oman tours are Qurum Beach, Mughsayl Beach, Bandar Jissah, and Musandam Beaches.

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Egypt is a country mainly in North Africa. It is a transcontinental country as its majority occupies part of Africa and another part in Asia. It’s bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Red Sea to the east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west.

You’ll feel Egypt’s unique history in the old markets of Cairo, its stunning churches, the well-designed historical mosques. The great Pyramids of Giza, were the ancient Egyptian kings from the fourth dynasty. Who decided to build a pyramidal shape tomb to be their gate to eternity. You’ll see the greatness of Egypt in the impressive temples of Luxor. Also, the colorful royal tombs at the Valley of the Kings and the Greco-Roman monuments in the coastal city of Alexandria.

  • Is Oman a safe destination?

    Of course, Oman is a safe tourist destination and is a highly recommended destination for travelers. The safety of tourists is always our priority.

  • What is the best time to visit Oman?

    As per our experience and based on our guests’ reviews, The best time to visit Oman when the temperatures are warm is between October and April. Oman is known for its warm weather. you could just avoid the months of summer heat like June and August but always there is a lot to experience. Enjoy fun in Oman almost all year along.

  • How many days do you need to see the highlights of Oman?

    It will take no less than 10 days to see all of Oman’s major highlights without becoming exhausted. These 10 days will allow you to visit multiple attractions. Starting from your vacation in Muscat, to see the most stunning valleys and mountains, as well as the spectacular Wahiba desert.

  • How to book a tour with Vantage Travel International?

    It is very easy, you just need to choose your suitable tour package from our various tour packages options, submit a request and one of our expert travel consultant will contact you with a detailed tour itinerary together with the best prices for your requested tour package according to your travel dates, group size and the availability at time of booking.

  • Can I get a quote for my tailor-made program?

    Absolutely yes! Our experienced travel consultants can tailor your vacation as you wish. Just share your wishing list with us and we will take care of all your small details to make your vacation in Oman or the world as one of the life time experiences.

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