Sharm El Sheikh


About Sharm El Sheikh:

Without doubt, Sharm El Sheikh is the most popular beach destination in Egypt and the Middle East. In the past few years, the city of Sharm El Sheikh was about only resort for the rich people who managed to buy such a small part from the government to build their own villa, where they can spend their public vacations and celebrate feasts.

But, with the other establishment of many Hotels and Resorts, the city became the most important city on the shores of Sinai and one of the charming and most favorite resorts in the Middle East and the world, especially for tourists who are coming from Germany, UK, Russia, Ukraine as well as some countries in Latin America and the Arabian world as well, who wish to enjoy the sun and the sandy beaches of the Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh is featured with stunning beaches and unique underwater environment, that is hardly found in any other city around the globe, so it is the ideal location for diving and snorkeling as well. Many divers and snorkelers, from different countries, love to come to Sharm El Sheikh to enjoy its rich water with different types of fish and coral reefs. That’s why we advise all our dear guests, who wish to visit Egypt, to include Sharm El Sheikh in their Egypt Travel Packages and spend two to three nights there to enjoy the unique lifestyle of this awesome city.

Geographical Location of Sharm El Sheikh:

The City of Sharm El Sheikh has a distinctive location, as it is located at the Southernmost point of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Suez Gulf to the West side and the Aqaba Gulf to the East side. This strategic location makes Sharm El Sheikh as the first choice for our neighbors, coming from Jordan and Saudi Arabia, to spend their public vacations and take some rest on the attractive shores of the Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh is about 488 KM from Cairo and only 60 KM to the sacred city of St. Catherine, where our dear guests, who look for a biblical vacation in Egypt can visit the stunning Monastery of St. Catherine and climb the mountain of Moses, where Moses the prophet talked to Allah. It is also not very far from the resorts of Dahab, as it is about 100 KM from Dahab that can be reached by car. But, it is about 800 KM to Luxor, however, it can be reached by flight, so our dear guests, coming to visit Egypt, can see the impressive temples and royal tombs of Luxor.

Sharm El Sheikh Today:

Today, Sharm El Sheikh is a principle tourist destination in Egypt and numerous travelers from all over the globe prefer to add Sharm El Sheikh to their programs while visiting Egypt. The city already has an International Airport and it is working very well to receive direct international flights coming different European cities and welcome our dear guests, who look for such a magnificent vacation on the shores of Sharm El Sheikh.

While the beaches are always the target for the day time, our dear guests, who are spending their vacation in Sharm El Sheikh, will have the chance to go for diving or snorkeling to enjoy the wonderful water and find out the colorful types of coral reefs. It is really an amazing experience!

However, by the evening, we can offer other interesting types of entertainment, as the city is one of the most secured cities in Egypt and it is really called the city of peace. You can go for a walking tour to explore the city by night, this is including various restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, amazing parties on the beach and many other activities that match the needs of kids as well.

In addition to the regular tours in Sharm El Sheikh, the city is still offering unique tours to the protected areas, including the most famous protected area of Ras Mohamed. This one is really one of the impressive sites in Sharm El Sheikh and ranked as the top-rated tour in Sinai.

Ras Mohamed protected area is located only 12 KM to the south of Sharm El Sheikh, at the meeting point of the Suez Gulf with the Aqaba Gulf. The site was declared as a protected area in 1983, as it is housing an area of more than 850 square kilometer and it is the home of many unique kinds of birds, animals and fish that can’t be found elsewhere. It is also housing more than 150 types of coral reefs. That’s why it is the perfect area for snorkeling and the attractive place for the snorkeling lovers, who wish to see the beautiful nature and explore the beaten tracks like no one ever did.

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