A small village in Northern Egypt produces over half of the global supply of perfume.. Yes, this is TRUE! This small Egyptian village is called “Shubra Blula” and it is the main source of producing about half of global supply of perfume or maybe a bit more every year.

The Yasmin flowers grow up in a large green fields, where the workers there, who are already residents in the village, spend the entire night to hand-pick the awesome white Yasmin flowers from the plants, then they send the flowers to a nearby factory to extract the liquid and afterwards this liquid sold to many destinations in the world including Paris, New York, Hong Kong and other countries to be bottled up into perfume.

The Yasmin flower is very sensitive from the sun, so it can’t be collected in the morning under the sunrises. That’s why the local experts usually work in the night to protect the flower and in order to be able to collect a huge quantity from the plants. Each worker can collect about 03 KG per day, which is considered to be as a huge quantity taking into consideration that they are collecting flowers one by one from the plants.