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World Cup 2022

Visit Egypt -World Cup 2022 Trusted information copied from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. The Ministry announces facilities to attract fans participating in the World Cup 2022 who hold the (Hayya) fan card. One of these measures is that hotels in some Egyptian tourist cities will provide discounts on accommodation prices announced online.

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Don’t miss the chance to try a Felucca Tour while you are touring Egypt. They are available now!

Egypt Felucca Ride down the Nile is one of the marvelous activities that our tourists should not miss while they visit Egypt. Feluccas are the traditional sailing boats of Egypt, and many other countries in the region. Made out of wood, Felucca is still used in Egypt today as a mean of transportation, and for

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All Incoming Passengers to Egypt Must Present Negative PCR Test for COVID-19

Egypt has announced new air travel restrictions and health regulations amid the continuing spread of coronavirus. Under the new regulations introduced by Egypt’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), all incoming passengers, including Egyptian citizens, are required to produce a PCR analysis to confirm that they are coronavirus-free, Al Arabiya reports. Under the new regulations, PCR tests

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Google launches translator app for ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Elaborately carved pictograms line the lids of magnificent sarcophagi and the storeys-high walls of ancient Egypt’s temples and tombs, and now they’ll be even easier to decipher thanks to a new Google app feature that can translate Egyptian hieroglyphs using artificial intelligence. Released as part of Google’s Arts & Culture app, the tool is called

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Egypt offers 50% off on entrance fees for individual to protected areas

The Ministry of Environment has offered 50% off on entrance fees for individual and daily motorboat trips to protected areas in South Sinai and Red Sea governorates. According to a statement , the ministry announced that the implementation of environmental management decisions in the protected areas would be delayed. This comes following coordination with the

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