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Giza Pyramids Air Show Event 2022

The greatness of the Giza Pyramids increased on August 3, 2022. It’s a normal situation for the Giza Pyramids to evoke controversy among visitors due to their huge size. They also wonder how an ordinary man could build these enormous tombs without equipment. On August 3, 2022, a pyramid air show occurred with a number
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Wadi Al Hitan Fossils

Bid farewell to temples, museums, mosques, churches, and the sea, and say welcome to a new type of relaxation on one of the different Egypt tours. Wadi El Hitan, the Valley of Whales, is a new type of Egypt attraction that is located in Fayoum city. A new biological adventure in Wadi Al Hitan is
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New Alamein North Coast

As time passes, Egypt continues to search and prospect for what is in its gut of unique tourist gems. The most popular Egypt tours nowadays are New Alamein City and Cairo, which will offer lots of things to do. The New Alamein City is still under construction, but a large part of it has been
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13 travel packing tips you should know

Is it your first time planning to visit Egypt? So you’re in the right place. Vantage international travel agency will provide you with some packing tips you should be aware of before you prepare your packing list. The first role you should know before you travel to Egypt or any country is the weather. As

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Saqqara New Discovery

After a long period of excavating and prospecting for the monuments that our ancient Egyptian lift, we reach the treasure. A large campaign led by Professor Khaled Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, discovered 5 new tombs in Saqqara dating back to more than 4400 years. New 5 tombs in Saqqara will be added to

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