Tourism Minister Rania Al Mashat described China as one of the maximum promising markets for the Tourism Ministry, noting the ministry launches a new section of tourism family members between Cairo and Beijing.

Al-Mashat’s feedback got here at some stage in a rite hosted with the aid of Egypt’s Ambassador to China Mohamed El Badry on the Egyptian Embassy here.

The ministry can pay brilliant attention to the Chinese vacationers who are trying to find to journey and discovery in terms of Egypt’s various tourist potentials, the minister mentioned.

Chinese vacationers flock to Egypt from extraordinary towns including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin and others.

The Egyptian government are negotiating with the Chinese counterparts to function a direct flight course with Shanghai, the minister found out.

To raise the number of Chinese vacationers, the ministry created a partnership with C-Trip Journey Corporation to promote Egyptian tourism in China.