Egypt is always at the front during any time of the year. Many tourists prefer to visit Egypt in the summer. As summer in Egypt means warmth, sea, sand, safari, and many Egypt summer vacations.
Summer in Egypt starts in April and ends in September. The best time to visit Egypt in summer is from April to June, and of course, in September. The weather in July and August in Egypt is very hot that sometimes the climate reaches 45° and 50°.

You will only enjoy this time if you are going to spend time at sea on one of Egypt shore excursions. Now let us provide you with more pleasant places in Egypt for summer.

Places in Egypt for Summer vacation

Yes, Egypt is available all year time. Egypt has its own gifts that it provides to its tourists in any weather. Some places and Egypt tours are preferred to visit in winter, such as Luxor and Aswan. And other places are suitable for summer in Egypt. So let’s take a look at some of the places you can visit during your Egypt summer vacation.

Sharm El Sheikh during Egypt’s summer

Sharm El Sheikh and the Red Seashores, in general, are perfect to visit at the beginning or at the end of the summer. Unless you enjoy the clear, turquoise sea, the charming coral reefs, different Egypt desert safari packages, and the night in Sharm El Sheikh.

You can find an abundance of things to do on Sharm El Sheikh tours. It is considered the top destination for those looking for charming diving spots. The most popular diving spots where you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling are Ras Muhammed, then Nabq. You can also book a tour to Dahab to enjoy diving in Abu Galum and three pools

Hurghada Egypt in Summer

Hurghada is the city of the islands. Mahmeya Island and Giftun Island are at the top of it. Imagine yourself on a yacht in the middle of the sea watching the colourful fishes and coral reefs. It’s a charming scene. In Hurghada, you can visit the aquarium to see different families of fish that live in the Red Sea, especially in Hurghada. Also, you have to visit the Hurghada Museum and enjoy the Bedouin dinner. You will never get bored in Hurghada as there are a variety of Hurghada day tours.

Summer in Cairo

Cairo is still and will remain one of the most important tourist cities in Egypt. It contains most of the different Egypt day tours, as it is the capital and not a vacuum. Cairo means religious and historical tourism, in addition to its proximity to the most important beaches of the Mediterranean, “Alexandria”. There is no package of Egypt travel packages that are free of Cairo attractions, as it is a station that must be passed through.

Pyramids are one of the highly recommended tourist attractions in Cairo day tours, it is considered of the seven wonders of the world. In Cairo, you can visit the Egyptian museum that occupies uncountable pieces of rare monuments. Also, you should know about the religious attractions in Cairo whether Islamic or Christian by enjoying a full-day tour in Old Cairo.

Giza Pyramids are one of the highly recommended tourist attractions on Cairo day tours. They are considered one of the seven wonders of the world.
In Cairo, you can visit the Egyptian museum, which occupies uncountable pieces of rare monuments. Also, you should learn about the religious attractions in Cairo, whether Islamic or Christian, by enjoying a full-day tour of Old Cairo.

Enjoy Alexandria during summer in Egypt

Alexandria is situated close to Cairo. It will only take about 2 and a half hours by car from Cairo, so lots of Egypt classic tours include Cairo and Alexandria together.

The most visited places in Alexandria are the Alexandria Library and Qaitbay Castle. The packages that move from Cairo to Alexandria always mention these two places in their itinerary. Also, the Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, Kom el-Dikka, and Pompey’s Pillar are considered Alexandria’s top tourist attractions.

The charming thing, whose secret no one knows, is the beauty of the Alexandria Corniche. Did you know that many tourists go to Alexandria only to walk on the Corniche or sit in one of the restaurants that line the sea to enjoy the magic of the view? The high waves and sprays that you feel have an indescribable feeling. Due to its great weather, Alexandria is a city that Vantage Travels recommend visiting during your Egypt summer vacation. In Egypt, the cities that lie on the Mediterranean generally enjoy a good climate in the summer.