Marsa Alam (Egyptian Maldives)

Marsa Alam is an Egyptian coastal city located on the Red Sea coast. Marsa Alam excursion is considered one of the most attractive trips for tourism in Egypt. It is considered a global center for fishing, diving, and cruises. Marsa Alam day tours are among the best Egypt tours available and the best place for safari lovers. It has a unique group of islands and a beautiful group of mountains and valleys for hiking lovers. Marsa Alam is characterized by its climate and nature reserves and the beauty of tourism resorts. Marsa Alam is famous for its clear and warm climate, so it is the best choice for Egypt honeymoon vacation.

Snorkeling in marsa alam

One of the most enjoyable trips in Egypt is a Marsa Alam day trip.

If you are one of those who love snorkeling and swimming. This is your place for a Snorkeling Trip at Hamata Island from Marsa Alam. Enjoy a different experience inside the depths of the water, you will see Marsa Alam in a different entertainment site. Enjoy visiting around 3 Virgin Islands where you will discover the beauty of the reserve, marine life, coral reefs, and colorful fish around the islands. that you cannot see anywhere else.

Diving trips in Marsa Alam day tours It’s not over yet. You can also go to discover the beauty of scuba diving in Marsa Alam city by boat.

In this place, you will discover rare types of marine creatures. one of the best diving spots in the entire world according to Egypt tours. One of the most famous resorts in Marsa Alam is a Porto Ghali resort. You can also take a snorkeling trip at port Ghalib Marina from Marsa Alam. One of the greatest resorts in Marsa Alam. After you finish all the diving sites you can go to visit satayh dolphin reef. You can take aboat trip to visit satayh dolphin. It is a protected area where you can dive and swim with many types of dolphins and marine creatures. You can see from 60 to 80 dolphins.

This area is famous for dolphins and marine creatures that will impress you. Read more about our top vantage travel blogs

Aquatico Water Park

It is a park for adults and children in Marsa Alam. It is an amazing water park full of adventures and various water games. It includes a large number of water ponds of different depths for adults and children. There is also a restaurant and a cafe serving the best meals.

Your children will enjoy this tour and They will consider it the best tour in Egypt.

Safari in Marsa Alam

If you are a fan of safari, Marsa Alam day trips will be the best option. Go on adesert super safari trip from Marsa Alam. Enjoy the desert of Marsa Alam and learn about the activities that take part in the desert. At night Enjoy watching the appearance of meteors and charming stars closely.

Learn about Bedouin life and enjoy its songs and Bedouin tea. Also, you can take a morning quad bike desert tour in Marsa Alam. Enjoy riding a bike in the desert around the mountains and taking the most beautiful souvenir photos. Sunset is the best time in the desert. You can get a private tour of the sunset desert safari in Marsa Alam. There is nothing better than taking in the breathtaking sunset during a desert safari in Marsa Alam under the shadow of the mountains. It’s difficult to feel bored on this amazing trip.
Egypt’s desert is beautiful. Safari Egypt trips are popular with travelers who want to escape from crowded cities and spend some calm time in the mountains.
In my opinion, Marsa Alam is the best Egypt day tour choice for adventure lovers.

No matter what your interests are, Marsa Alam is sure to have something to keep you entertained. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!