The greatness of the Giza Pyramids increased on August 3, 2022. It’s a normal situation for the Giza Pyramids to evoke controversy among visitors due to their huge size. They also wonder how an ordinary man could build these enormous tombs without equipment.

On August 3, 2022, a pyramid air show occurred with a number of airplanes from Egypt and South Korea to catch the eyes of the visitors. On this day and due to the air show of the Giza Pyramids, the demand for visiting the Giza Plateau increased to be the top of Egypt tours. Many tourists were keen on attending this event, “Pyramids Air Show“.

Participants of the Pyramids Air Show

Pyramids air show 2022

The first event of its kind in Egypt led to an increase in the number of local tourists in Egypt and an increase in the demand for travel packages in Egypt. All this is to watch the military artillery pyramids air show between three bands with gliders flying over the pyramids.

The first group is the South Korean Black Eagles team, who will fly into the Giza pyramids after the Egyptian two groups, which are the Egyptian Gazelle Hill team “Horus” and the Egyptian Silver Stars team. Lots of Egyptians and foreigners booked day tours in Egypt to visit the Giza pyramids on this day to see the art in the sky with Cairo day tours to Giza.

Skydiving in Egypt over the Giza Pyramids

Skydiving in Giza Pyramids

All the visitors try to visit the Giza pyramids, enjoy a camel ride tour, or memorize their visit to the great pyramids by saving a lot of pictures on their half-day tour to the Pyramids. But few of them try skydiving over the Giza Pyramids. Can you imagine seeing the pyramids with new eyes, from a different point of view? It’s an adventure that you should try and feel like you are flying like a bird.

Skydiving in Egypt is among the luxury tours in Egypt because it’s a little bit expensive in addition to the requirements of sufficient health conditions. You will attend a preparation course to make sure that you can jump from the plane and fly over the Giza Pyramids. The course consists of exercises to improve physical fitness to be able to jump, as well as exercises for speed of action and confidence under pressure. Plus instructions to follow when jumping for the journey of skydiving. It’s a spiritual tour from Egypt spiritual tours that enhances your confidence.

Other adventures besides the Giza Pyramids

Cairo Nile city

Take advantage of the rest of the day after your visit and wander around the various tourist attractions located nearby the Giza area. There are a lot of adventures and activities around the Giza area. You can enjoy a dancing show with a delicious lunch or dinner on one of Egypt Nile cruises. The Nile cruise may settle in Tahrir Square close to the Egyptian Museum to explore its antiques in a half-day tour of the Egyptian Museum and see the special room of King Tutankhamun.

Another way for shopping lovers is to enjoy a walking tour to Khan El Khalili market and Moez Street to buy unique souvenirs that will save the memory of Egypt tours in your mind.

It all depends on your own taste. Just decide how you enjoy it and the Vantage travel agency will give all their support to make your memory unique.